Hollins Kicks off Season with Hollins SWVHJA Horse Show

Hollins Kicks off Season with Hollins SWVHJA Horse Show

ROANOKE, Va. --The Hollins annual SWVHJA fall horse show and first medal finals was a success as 12 Hollins riders participated throughout the weekend. 



Adult Hunter

Children's Hunter

  • Courtney Wilson (Freshman) and  Funny Girl: 1st & 2nd over fences. 1st in the flat - Champion.

SWVHJA Hunt Seat/Adult Medal

  • Caitlyn Sheffer (Sophomore) and VDR Couleur's Boy: 1st Place (Qualified for Medal Finals).
  • Kaitlyn Okin (Sophomore) and Cantolini: 3rd place.
  • Wilson and Funny Girl: 4th Place.

SWVHJA Jr. Eq on the flat

  • 1st Place: Wilson and Funny Girl.
  • 3rd Place June Garvin (Freshman) and Lorenzo.

SWVHJA Adult Eq on the Flat

Hollins Medal 2'6"

  • 1st: Garvin and Lorenzo (Qualified for Hollins Medal Finals).
  • 4th: Claire Reid (Senior) and Candido Z.

Special Children's Hunter

  • Garvin and Lorenzo: 1st in all three classes - Champion.

Special Adult Hunter

  • Kaeley Aerosty (Sophomore) and Cantolini: 4th and 1st over fences. Reserve on the flat - Reserve Champion.
  • Okin and Pitch Perfect: 5th and 4th over fences. 2nd on the flat.
  • Reid and Candido Z: 6th and reserve over fences.

Pleasure Hunter

  • Morgan DeWitt (Freshman) and Available in Blue: 1st and 2nd over fences. 1st on the flat - Champion.
  • Buschor and Sycamore Ridge: 2nd and 1st over fences. 3rd on the flat - Reserve Champion.

Adult Hunter Pleasure Horse

  • Jones and Tripoli: 1st, 3rd and 4th.
  • Thym and Mydis: 2nd, 1st and 1st. Champion.
  • Sarah Gresens (Freshman) and Cosmonaut: 4th, 2nd and 2nd. Reserve Champion.


What's Next 

Hollins will host the first IHSA show of the season on Saturday 10/12.


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